Overview of the Foundation’s Purpose
Law Enforcement Aerial Surveillance Foundation (LEASF) is a non-profit, public donation organization believing that cost should not be a hindrance to the safety and security of our communities and the public employees serving them. The Foundation will provide Law Enforcement Aircraft (LEA), education and training required for the law enforcement personnel to operate the surveillance aircraft to benefit the general public good nationwide.  Law enforcement mission objectives are enhanced by having the added safety and experience of a trained, sworn law enforcement/pilot aboard directing the missions.

Law Enforcement Aerial Surveillance Foundation (LEASF) will provide efficient, multi-purpose aircraft equipped with day and night aerial surveillance technology at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance aircraft.  LEASF will educate, train and instruct agency personnel to safely operate land and sea aircraft and to observe or record, where necessary, in order to make cases for all branches of law enforcement, to include police and sheriff departments, natural resources, border patrol, port authorities and homeland security agencies.

 The LE surveillance aircraft is an excellent platform for the following missions:

          Vehicle pursuits                                     Counter narcotics missions
          SWAT member insertion support             Counter terrorism missions
          Firefighting /fire support                         Photo flights
          Foot pursuits                                         Thermal imagery searches
          Traffic enforcement                                DUI assists
          Search and rescue operations                  Criminal activity surveillance
          Drug location/interdiction                        Routine patrol and support
          VIP flights                                             Fugitive searches
          Locating stolen property                         Assists with crowd control
          Navigation channel patrols                      Port authority security
          Fish and wildlife surveys                         Natural Disaster /Emergency Support
          Alternate traffic routing & control             Maritime patrol


Law Enforcement Aerial Surveillance Foundation
1417 Methodist Park Road

West Columbia, SC  29170
(803) 730-5961

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